I love Michael Sheen

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It’s been a wonderful couple of years talking about the amazing Michael Sheen and getting to know some of his fans. He is a truly amazing actor and deserves every ounce of acknowledgment, but I’m affraid it’s time for me to go.

I really hope there are more of us out there, who will fill the Michael Sheen tag with pictures, and news and updates of every kind. But the truth is I haven’t been doing that in a really long time, and I feel it’s time to face the fact that I won’t anymore.

This blog will stay here, for everyone to enjoy. I will selfishly not offer him to anyone else because I don’t trust that it won’t get deleted.

Who knows, maybe I’ll come back?

For now, this is goodbye. It has been a real delight, truly.

Share, inspire, connect. Good luck. x”

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